Reach can help mitigate financial, reputational and legal risk by delivering trusted content and verifiable compliance.

Confirmation loops made easy

A critical consideration for all companies is ensuring that their employees are kept up to date with relevent company and industry information.

  • Compliance loops can be implemented via email, sms or Slack.
  • All data is viewable via a real-time dashboard.
  • Reports can be downloaded to PDF.
  • Quickly identify what information has been consumed and where there may be knowledge gaps.
You’ve told your employees that harassment isn’t acceptable - prove it.

Ensure compliance requirements are met

Whether it is your company's harassment policy or a client confidentiality policy, Reach makes it easy to get this content in front of those requiring it and then capture their confirmation of read and understood.

  • Track content sent to employees via multiple channels.
  • Set custom compliance confirmation statements for employees to confirm.
  • Timestamped compliance records can be viewed in real-time.
  • Download compliance record in PDF format.
Make sure your organization has consistant messaging in a world of sensationalized stories and fake news.

Provide your employees with trusted content

In a world of sensationalized stories and fake news, Reach helps companies harness their existing expertise to ensure employees are furnished with trusted information.

  • Ensure consistant messaging and knowledge around any breaking news story relevant to your company and industry.
  • Encourage your domain experts to inform colleagues.
  • Prepare your staff properly for dissemination to clients.


From $5 per employee per annum.

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