How does this work for compliance?

Yes. For critical company information such as privacy policies or harassment policies you can send the information directly to employees and have them click on a button to confirm that they have received, read and understand the information.

Compliance is tracked in Reach and a manager or administrator can view recipients, who has confirmed and not confirmed as well as the time stamp. This report can be viewed and downloaded or printed as needed.

We are using Slack for all communication now, does Reach integrate?

Yes. We have deep integration with Slack. If you are using Slack, then keep using it and Reach will fit in with your current workflow. All of Reach's features can be accessed via Slack.

Can I use Reach for training and development?

Yes. You can add courses, tutorials, and training material and make sure it gets to the right people. We feel it is the best solution available to deliver training and development content where it needs to be.